House of Remi

House of Remi


Remie, the brand was born over 50years ago, as the alter ego, twin and invaluable companion of Mrs Remi Ayisire, the Designer. She initially obtained a BS in Chemistry from University of Lagos, Nigeria some years ago.

Later on, she realized the true, pure, unadulterated and endowed talent from the heart of God, the creator himself, which people who have known her from childhood have always noticed and seen glimpses or flashes of. The exquisite works of art, classic styling, poise, and effortless elegance that are now being unveiled are simply her character traits.

Remi Ayisire migrated to the United States in November 2006 to expose her children to quality western college education. As her children grew older and engaged fully on their campuses, she enrolled at the Art Institute of Inland Empire (affiliated to Argosy University). While taking courses in Fashion Designing, she registered Remie formally in December, 2012.

House of Remi, the corporate vehicle, brings together under one roof, an inclusive blend of class, culture, color, exquisite, daring and contemporary designs, suitable for generation X and those that came before it.

We specialize in a glittering array of luxury, ready to wear, and effortlessly elegant Kaftans that are guaranteed to both astonish and pleasure you at first glance. The wrap around is soft, smooth and designed to stand you out in any and every type of gathering or occasion. They cut across culture, race and color. We also encourage you to elevate your ensemble with contemporary and sophisticated accessories that match your appearance and also make an ordinary outfit look great. We stock exclusive beaded necklaces, bracelets and earing. Our silk scarf necklaces are highly sophisticated looking and attention getters.

Mrs Remi Ayisire believes that fashion should be all encompassing. It starts from the inside and reflects on the outside. Therefore, Insideout is the vehicle through which the company reaches out to the community; encouraging women in particular to help their families look fashionable in every area of life.
Remie is presently working on introducing classic and sophisticated men’s garments, kid’s garments, exclusive footwear and home décor.

“We are dedicated to setting new standards for elegance and class”.

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